The modern digital business environment has made it almost mandatory for all commercial enterprises to have well designed and aesthetically pleasing websites that bring out the very essence of their trade activities. Buyers of goods and services no longer visit a brick and mortar store to get details of what they need. All that they do is search online for related products and make a choice after going through the websites. Businesses that do not have websites that rank high on search results pages of major search engines thus lose out on business opportunities.

There are many facets to having a well structured website and on top of the list is a good website design. Business owners can get in touch with a reputed agency specialising in web design and development but most of the time do not know what to expect. This is but natural as these processes are highly technical in nature and well beyond the comprehension of the common man.

However, we at dezignfix.com hope to set this deficiency right through our blog spot. Our focus is on all things related to website design but explained in simple easy-to-understand terms. The start-up or small business owner is hardly expected to know about HTML or CCS that go into creating a good website design, he/she will only be interested in the final website format and how much traffic comes in.

To make our site meaningful, we invite bloggers interested in web design and logo design to contribute to our site so that the average visitor even without much knowledge on the subject can at least understand the basics. Website designers can also send their writings to us for publication detailing the steps that need to be gone through before a website can be fully created and made functional.

Any blog that is related to the niche of website and logo design is welcome by us.